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  • Can I use this platform as a work tool?
    Of course! You can use it to provide services to your clients, offer training to your employees or for related tasks.
  • What is the cost of using the LMS?
    To use all the tools and offer courses on this platform, a subscription is required. Simply go to the "Instructors" section in the menu and choose the plan that best suits your goals on Tuto. Don't forget to take advantage of the 7-day free trial!
  • Who can be instructors at Tuto?
    We are looking for people who are 18 years or older, specialize in a subject, and are passionate about teaching. It is a must for instructors to have a bachelor's degree in their field. At Tuto, we are seeking educators and professionals from all areas who have excellent communication skills and are willing to make a positive impact on their students' lives.
  • What subjects can I teach
    Everything! Here, you can teach the subjects that you have mastered and enjoy teaching, from basic subjects to finance for young people, floristry, religion, business management, communication, music, dance, yoga...
  • How can I start using the platform?
    You must sign up for our instructor subscription, create an account, and provide: Full name Merchant Registration Certificate Criminal Record Certificate Resume Afterward, you will fill out your profile with a photo, information about yourself, your hourly rate, a short video, and your availability. Tuto's staff will evaluate and approve it.
  • How much can I earn per month?
    There are no limits! The more educational offerings you provide, the higher your earnings will be. Tuto only retains the commission percentage established in the plan you subscribe to. The rest is yours!
  • Why should I join Tuto?
    Join Tuto and start earning money for what you know, on your own terms! With our platform, you can set your own work hours and have clients come to you. Our payment methods are safe and reliable, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Moreover, we provide support throughout the process to help you succeed in the education system.
  • Do I have to pay a subscription to receive personalized services?
    No, people who are interested in tutoring, mentoring, and personalized services only pay for the session they receive. Instructors set their availability and hourly rate, and students can choose the time that suits them best and pay only for that specific service.
  • Are the educational services offered on Tuto only intended for students in schools and universities
    Tuto is a platform designed to connect people with experts in various subjects and academic levels. It is not limited to school or university students, as we also provide services to parents and families. In fact, we have a diverse pool of professionals offering their expertise in different areas.
  • Do they provide individualized services, such as tutoring, in-person?
    For now, services are only offered virtually. Receiving tutoring or professional mentoring services in person will be a possibility in the future.
  • How much do one-on-one sessions cost?
    Please note that the price of each session is set by individual instructors, and there is no fixed or standard rate. We recommend accessing our tutor marketplace and evaluating the available options to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.
  • What are your payment methods?
    You can make secure payments with a credit card and ATH Móvil. We are not responsible for transactions made outside of the platform.
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