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The ultimate solution for online learning

An open learning management system and marketplace for
1:1 services, on-demand courses and online classes


unlimited . easy . flexible

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Join our experts marketplace

With our platform, you have the freedom to set your own prices and hours, enabling you to earn more and work smarter.


Join our community of instructors!


Create your account

Tuto provides access to professional mentors who want to offer specialized experiences.

Complete your profile

Fill out all the required fields such as profile photo, short bio, availability, hourly rate, and video conference tool.

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Spread the word! Post your profile on social media and let them know you're available for one-on-one sessions.

The flexibility and learning options your community needs

Various teaching models in a single solution

to create your own personalized eLearning ecosystem.

Sesiones individuales

Establece una tarifa por hora y tu propio horario de trabajo para ofrecer sesiones individualizadas, como tutoría o consultoría.  ¡Suscríbete al Plan Tutor y comienza hoy! 

Cursos on-demand

Crea cursos con variedad de recursos multimedia para que tus estudiantes accedan a ellos en cualquier momento y desde cualquier parte del mundo. 

Disponible para suscriptores de los planes Máster, Genio y VIP

Clases en vivo

Crea sesiones recurrentes o webinars y conecta con tus estudiantes por videoconferencia. Complementa la experiencia con otros recursos para que tus estudiantes accedan a ellos en cualquier momento. 

Disponible para suscriptores de los planes Máster, Genio y VIP. 



Es una excelente oportunidad para salir de nuestra zona de comodidad. Además, nos permite llegar a los estudiantes de una manera individualizada y adaptada a sus necesidades.


Joshua, instructor

Excellent platform to start projects. It has a good organization and a user friendly interface.

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Discover the power on an LMS
and take your courses to the next level

An LMS is a learning management system, an online platform that helps instructors create and manage educational courses online.


But for us, an LMS is such a powerful tool, it can transform the way people learn and teach.

Do you want to know how it works?

Grow your community with integrated marketing tools

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Create coupons with discounts.

Promotional bar

Place advertisements or promotions on your portal, as well as offers or discounts. 

Email campaigns

Send messages to your entire community or to  segments of your users.


Payment gateways

Integrate platforms such as Stripe or PayPal in case you are going to sell courses or sessions. 

Promotional bar

Place advertisements or promotions on your portal, as well as offers or discounts. 

I have

Simplify your work with the Tuto LMS tools

Tests and cquestionnaires

Create quizzes or tests to reinforce learning, summarize essential information, and check your students' progress.


Interact with external applicationsnas, such as login with Facebook or Google, in addition to integrations with Google Calendar and Google Meet. 

Video conference

Integrate video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Meet for your synchronized meetings.unique or for 1:1 sessions. 

Multimedia resources

Create dynamic courses with videos, podcasts, documents or content from VR, AR, metaverses or any other web-based tool. 

Persona diseñando un curso en el LMS de Tuto

Start earning money by selling 1:1 services,
on-demand courses, and classes in our marketplace!

Boost your career and earn extra money.

At Tuto, you can be a tutor or mentor and earn passive income while transforming the lives of your students.

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