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5 important aspects to keep in mind when designing online courses

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Review these questions before publishing an online course.

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Before publishing an online course, there are some important things to consider to ensure your course is high quality and engaging for students. Here's a checklist that can help you prepare your course before publishing:


  • Is the content updated and relevant?

  • Is it well-structured and easy to follow?

  • Is it divided into clear and organized sections and lessons?

  • Does it include multimedia materials, such as videos, images, and presentations?


  • Are the course's goals and objectives clearly defined?

  • Are the objectives aligned with the student's needs and expectations?

  • Is it clear how students can measure their progress throughout the course?


  • Are assessments and exams included to measure students' knowledge and understanding?

  • Is there clear and helpful feedback to students about their performance?

  • Are there necessary resources available to help students overcome any areas in which they are struggling?

User experience

  • Is the online learning platform easy to navigate and use?

  • Is the experience designed to be intuitive and engaging for students?

  • Are there additional resources, such as discussion forums and online support, available to help students get the maximum learning experience?


  • Are subtitles and audio descriptions available for those who have special accessibility needs?

  • Is the course easy to access for those with different types of devices and internet connections?

This is a starting point for creating your checklist before publishing an online course. Making sure you cover these key points can help you create a successful and engaging course for your students.


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